Aqua Turf International, Inc. was founded in 1996 with quality turf, landscape and golf course playability as its primary goals as well as economic and environmental responsibility.

Since then ATI has expanded and now has five offices and quality staff to serve all your irrigation needs anywhere around the world. We utilize the latest in software to assist in our landscape and golf course irrigation plans.

Over or under irrigating greatly detract from the golf experience as well as having a direct impact on the appearance of the turf quality and landscape as well as a tremendous affect on the playability of a golf course.

The need for environmental protection as well as economic and labor efficiency require properly designed, installed and operated irrigation systems. We specialize in:

·         Commercial and Landscape

·         Golf Courses

·         Athletic Fields and Parks

·         Cemeteries

·         Agriculture

·         GPS Mapping

Whether you have an old system in need of improvement or a new construction Aqua Turf International can help ensure your Irrigation Quality worldwide. An ATI designed and planned irrigation system will:

·         Greatly Improve Turf and Landscape Health

·         Efficiently Utilize Power, Water and Labor

·         Enhance Golf Course Playability

·         Extend System Life


Our Mission is to ensure quality turf and irrigation standards that meet or exceed the customer's agronomic, economic and environmental needs while operating in a timely, efficient and cooperative manner.


Decades of combined experience in irrigation design, construction and operation gives us the ability to design for almost any condition. Whether the application is the salt water in the Bahamas, elevation changes in the mountains of Utah or the desert of the Middle East, we have designed unique systems to meet these difficult challenges worldwide. ATI also has offices around the world staffed with qualified professional to meet your irrigation and water management needs.

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Harbour Plaza Golf Club – System Analysis - April 28, 2015

James Schumacher, President of ATI, recently visited Harbour Plaza Golf Club in Dongguan, China in order to perform a System Analysis. Harbour Plaza is a 20 year old 27-hole championship facility designed, shaped and constructed by Robert Trent Jones II. The irrigation system is becoming a limiting factor to the facility. ATI has been contracted to evaluate the system and make recommendations for improvements.

Jim Schumacher, Mr. Tim Shaver, General Manager, Harbour Plaza, and Ron Carlyle, Turf Consultant

GPS Mapping, Satellite Imagery, Aerial Photography and Contour Mapping Services - June 18, 2013

Does your course have an accurate current as-built of the irrigation system? More than likely not. It is probably less likely that you have a current and accurate aerial photograph or satellite image.

GPS Mapping, Satellite Imagery, Aerial Photography and Contour Mapping Services

Nearly anyone associated with the golf course can benefit from an accurate as-built and especially and aerial photograph or satellite image. More


ATI Attends China Golf Show in Beijing - March 29, 2013

The China Golf Show was held in Beijing MArch 22 – 24, 2013. ATI was represented by Jim Schumacher, President of ATI and Thomas Muller of ATI-China.

ATI Attends China Golf Show in Beijing

ATI has attended the China Golf Show for many years and the activity and interest at the show seemed to be greater than in recent years. More

ATI Welcomes New China, Taiwan and Korea Associate - March 18, 2013

Aqua Turf International, Inc. the world’s leader in international irrigation design is proud to announce our new associate for China, Taiwan and Korea, Thomas Muller ( 穆乐 ) More


Satellite Versus Decoder Control System - February 11, 2013

During the irrigation design process a decision must be made to choose a satellite or decoder style control system. The decision must be made soon after the irrigation design starts so the design can be completed without delay. More


ATI Golf Irrigation Design Checklist - January 31, 2013

Once you have fully reviewed the Golf Irrigation Budget Matrix and Guide you can then better complete the “Golf Irrigation Design Checklist”. Please download the checklist .......... More


Value Engineering Options - January 31, 2013

After the design is complete and the bids have been reviewed there may still be need to make further adjustments. It is best to have fully considered these options prior to design.......... More

ATI Golf Irrigation Budget Planning Matrix - January 31, 2013

For golf to grow and be profitable we must intelligently manage the cost of golf construction and irrigation in particular. However, in so doing we need to balance the expectations of the golfers based on what they paid to play or be a member against potential cuts in the irrigation investment and system performance. More


Considerations for Establishing a Golf Irrigation Budget - January 29, 2013

Considerations for Establishing a Budget and Selecting the Levels of Irrigation Design and Investment In order to grow the great game of golf it is critical that golf courses construction costs meet a broad range of clientele. More


Why You Should Hire Aqua Turf International? - December 17, 2012

Aqua Turf International Inc. offers several unique benefits listed below that make us the best selection for your irrigation design and consulting needs. More


Why Hire a Professional Independent Irrigation Designer? - December 17, 2012

All irrigation systems no matter where they are for commercials landscapes, athletic fields, golf courses or other applications require a design. More


Hello World - December 4, 2012

Welcome to Aqua Turf International Inc.

Aqua Turf International, Inc. was founded in 1996 with quality turf, landscape and golf course playability as its primary goals as well as economic and environmental responsibility. More


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