Golf Course Water Management And Sustainability

A video explaining water use on golf courses. How we can better manage our golf course water for a sustainable future, insuring the growth of golf.

YouTube video


0:00 Introduction

0:54 What Is Sustainability

1:47 Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

3:00 How Much Do We Use

5:54 Other Reasons for Efficient Water Use

6:23 What Are Golf Water Sources

8:35 Factors Effecting Water Use

9:20 Static Factors

19:30 Operational Factors

22:07 Monitoring & Adjustment

23:20 Hand Watering

25:15 Soil Moisture Sensing

26:16 Evapotranspiration

28:50 Fast & Firm Conditions

35:35 Rules of Golf

36:15 Regulation

38:30 Creative Thinking

39:21 Accountability