ATI Golf Irrigation Design Checklist

Once you have fully reviewed the Golf Irrigation Budget Matrix and Guide you can then better complete the “Golf Irrigation Design Checklist”.  Please download the checklist prior to commissioning ATI to design your systemATI Golf Design Checklist ATI will be glad to review the checklist with you to make sure our design matches your needs and budget

The Checklist will help guide you through many of the specific choices to be made by category before designing the system.  There are even more subtle choices that can be made to reduce costs but the categories in the Matrix are the main choices that need to be made prior to the design.  Additionally, you can also review our article titled Value Engineering Options which is also helpful in determining some other potential cost-saving measures.  Many of the cost-saving measures can be added at a later date, but some cannot.  We have indicated in the Matrix those that can be added or expanded later and those that cannot.  It is highly recommended that the features that cannot be upgraded or added later be the last eliminated if budget reductions are needed.  We recommend that the design and bid documents include as many options as possible.  Once the bids have been returned a better determination can be made as to any cuts that need to be made.  We can help you complete the checklist before we commence your irrigation design.