Value Engineering Options

After the design is complete and the bids have been reviewed there may still be a need to make further adjustments.

It is best to have fully considered these options prior to design to avoid any possible re-design fees and to expedite the design and bidding process.  Please refer to the ATI Irrigation Design Checklist and Golf Irrigation Budget Planning Matrix Guide for further assistance in assessing your irrigation needs and budget prior to commissioning the design.

Also to facilitate negotiations it is recommended that the material supplier and contractor be selected before these final negotiations take place.

Below is a list of suggested items that could be eliminated.  Click the link to download the list for printing.  Value Engineering Options

Reduce Sprinkler Quantity (Listed first to cut to last to cut)

  1. Reduce Coverage Area
  2. Eliminate Some Perimeter Part Circles (Stub Out Wire, Add at a Later Date)
  3. Replace Triangular Spacing with Rectangular (If Applicable)
  4. Increase Spacing (Regional/ Within SC Limits and Irrigation Reliance Dependent)

Pair Sprinklers vs. Individual Control (In areas more out of play first)

Increase Irrigation Water Window Time

Reduces Pump Flow Rate and  Mainline Size

Substitute Direct Burial for Tray Cable Power Wire (Satellite System)

220V Power vs 120V Power to Reduce Wire Size (Satellite System)

Substitute Thrust Blocks for Joint Restraints – 4” (160mm) and Above (PVC Pipe)

Solvent Weld versus Gasketed Laterals (PVC Pipe)

Substitute Tape for Lavender Pipe (PVC Pipe)

Eliminate Additional Equipment

Eliminate Weather Station

Eliminate Yardage Markers

Eliminate Tracer Wire

Eliminate Spare Wires (Satellite System)

Eliminate Triple Top-Swing Joints

Reduce Drain Valves

Eliminate Hand-Held Operator

Eliminate Filtration